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WebKMS solutions allow all types of information to be more effectively used to power business intelligence systems, consolidate enterprise applications, create and manage master repositories of critical business information, and search and access information on demand no matter where it is stored within the enterprise. The products announced today will simplify the complex task of integrating various types of information in the enterprise, enhance the quality and accuracy of that information, and improve the productivity of the individuals managing it.

Business Applications

We develop applications that help you manage and automate business processes such as budget approvals, sales forecasting and sales force automation. Virtual learning workspaces or manufacturing plant floor analytics are examples of applications that support critical business needs.

WebKMS will custom design web applications to help you run all aspects of your business more efficiently and effectively.

Content Management System (CMS)

WebKMS’s Content Management System allows you to create, edit, remove and manage all text, images and multimedia on your website. If your website is one that is constantly in need of changes to accommodate new products, services or events, then CMS will be a very beneficial investment.

Your online business will be efficient and well organized with your CMS. WebKMS’s CMS gives you full editing, versioning, review, and publishing capabilities without the need for any knowledge of website coding. You will be able to view your changes go Live instantly. With WebKMS's CMS, you will save money by doing it yourself, eliminating the need for a programmer or a professional developer.

Our web site has been built on top of our content management web site platform.

Document Management System (DMS)

WebKMS’s Document Management System will allow you to easily find, store and track all important documents throughout your organization.

Your employees will save, edit, review, store and find documents and document images in the DMS. Your work processes will be simplified with a streamlined DMS helping you find the information you need, when you need it.

WebKMS's DMS fully supports versioning, accessibility, recycle bin, and advanced Search.

Intranet and Extranet Web Portals

We create horizontal web portals which handle all aspects of your business, as well as vertical web portals which focus on a specific functional area of your operation. Whether these are corporate or small business portals, we create, manage, and host intranet, extranet and internet sites within the portals we create.

A web portal allows your business access a wide range of information in a unified way. Your web portal can be designed to offer services such as email, news, stock prices, information, entertainment and more.

Just the same as any other web application solution provided by WebKMS, your intranet or extranet web portals can be customized to suit the unique needs of your organization.

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