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SharePoint 2010 Training for Power Users

3 Days (DayTime: Tuesday-Thursday 10AM - 4PM) or 6 Days (Evenings: 6PM - 9PM Mondays and Wednesdays)

Power Users like the Business Analysts, Project Managers, and Technology Officers are the driving force behind the smooth and successful delivery of any serious development project. Their knowledge of the underlying technology is very crucial to the success and the quality of the solution. This course covers the concepts like Planning and building the infrastructure, Preparing the implementation and deployment of the project.

Course content:

  • Overview of the SharePoint 2010 architecture
  • SharePoint Central Administration
  • SharePoint Products and Technologies
  • Branding and Customizing
  • Users and Permissions management
  • Using and seting up Search


DayTime Session: June 1-3

Number of registrants - 6/6 (full). Contact us for availability

Evening Session: June 7 - 23

Number of registrants - 4/6 (available). Contact us to register

SharePoint 2010 Training for Administrators

4 Days (DayTime: Tuesday-Friday 10AM - 4PM) or 8 Days (Evenings: 6PM - 9PM Mondays and Wednesdays)

SharePoint administrators are the ones who are responsible for the SharePoint environment to be running healthy and is operating within capacity and manage the system change like controlling the deployment cycle, monitoring, and supporting of the running SharePoint solution. This course presents the process and best practices involved in administering the SharePoint 2010 environment. Topics like managing the web application, site collection, search and user profile administration, backup and restore processes, etc.,

Course content:

  • SharePoint Farm Topology and Scalability
  • SharePoint Server Farm architecture
  • Shared Services administration
  • Solutions Store and solution deployment
  • Backup, Restore and Disaster recovery
  • Storage & Capacity Planning
  • Setting up Search and Indexing
  • Overview of personal sites and user profiles, user controls and web parts, taxonomy and search


DayTime Session: June 1-4

Number of registrants - 6/6 (full). Contact us for availability

Evening Session: June 7 - 30

Number of registrants - 4/6 (available). Contact us to register

SharePoint 2010 Training for Developers

5 Days (DayTime: Monday-Friday 10AM - 4PM) or 10 Days (Evenings: 6PM - 9PM Mondays and Wednesdays)

Developers are responsible to actually build the clean and working solution. The success in terms of stability and quality depends mainly on them. This course helps the developers how best to customize and integrate the SharePoint application. The participant of this course is expected to be familiar with .NET technologies to be successful in the course. The course also includes some of the important concepts on administrating the SharePoint environment before diving into the development process. This knowledge as an administrator will help the developer understand the SharePoint system architecture that helps them make learned decisions while building the customizations.

Course content:

  • Design and implement site definitions and site templates
  • Design and implement SharePoint features
  • Design and implement user controls and web parts
  • Design and implement SharePoint jobs
  • Design and implement content types in relationship with site columns, SharePoint workflows
  • Design and implement custom SharePoint workflows


DayTime Session: June 7-11

Number of registrants - 6/6 (full). Contact us for availability

Evening Session: June 7 - July 7

Number of registrants - 2/6 (available). Contact us to register


WebKMS Facilities

Each course consists of 4-6 participants (maximum of 6)

Each participant will have a dedicated Workstation setup that will be available for practice on-site or remotely upto a maximum of 4 weeks after the course

The Workstation environment will consist of the following:

  • SharePoint 2010 Foundation Services
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • SharePoint Designer 2010

Participants will continue to have support from the WebKMS' SharePoint instructors for all their questions and concerns to an extended period after the course

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