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Migrating MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010 / Migrating WSS 3.0 to SharePoint Foundation Services

WebKMS provides migration services to migrate your MOSS 2007 based solution to SharePoint 2010 or your WSS 3.0 based solution to SharePoint Foundation Services at the client site. The migration path is based on the initial assessment of the existing MOSS / WSS 3.0 solution. The assessment includes:

  • How much customization has been done on the existing solution
  • Feasibility of the migration in case the existing solution is heavily customized
  • How long would the migration take to complete

WebKMS would also take this opportunity to evaluate the existing architecture and make recommendations on:

  • Security
  • Capacity
  • Flexibility

The migration plan is executed in the following steps:

  • Based on the need for the smooth migration process, WebKMS would recommend the necessary changes to the existing hardware / software which can be either completed by the client or WebKMS could do this if necessary
  • A Dry run of the migration process would be performed on a test environment to make sure the migration passes through
  • Once the process is approved, based on the extent of the content, the process could be run in Production on the fly during off hours
  • In case of heavy content to migrate, the production system can be mirrored, and the migration can be performed over the weekend.

Migration benefits

SharePoint 2010 is the Business Collaboration platform for the Enterprise and the web. SharePoint 2010 comes equipped with a rich set of integrated capabilities ready-to-use out of the box. The major capability areas are:

  • New and improved SharePoint Sites - SharePoint Workspace 2010 for offline experience, Ribbon UI, Cross-browser support, Multi-lingual user interface, Audience targeting, Standards and accessibility compliance, validation, Office web apps, and more...
  • SharePoint Communities - My Sites and knowledge mining, Social tagging, Enhanced blogs and wikis,
  • New and improved SharePoint Content management - Metadata everywhere, Document Sets, Document IDs, In-place records management, Advanced routing
  • SharePoint Search - Taxonomy management, People and Expertise search, FAST search integration, Faceted search
  • SharePoint Insights - Excel services, PerformancePoint services, Visio services, Chat Web Parts and Status Indicators
  • SharePoint Composites - Enhanced end-user tools for automation and design, Fast and secure solution deployment
  • SharePoint 2010 has lot more improvements to vouch for a faster embrace in the SharePoint world
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